1st August – A lovely day for Risso’s

Yesterday morning at 10am we had a wonderful land-based survey at Niarbyl watching Risso’s dolphins close inshore just off the ‘tail’ of rocks and another pod further offshore. The inshore dolphins were cruising about very leisurely and stayed in the area for 2 hours displaying typical foraging behaviour and plenty of logging (resting on the surface). Quite a few boats passed by but the dolphins did not seem fazed. This pod consisted of at least 4 individuals including one very white adult male. The offshore pod were tricky to spot but we estimated 6 individuals, however a report has come through from a member of the public who saw 10 dolphins 5 miles off Niarbyl at the same time. In addition to this, a pod of 6 were spotted at 11:30 on Warts Bank and at 12:15 a pod of 8 were near the Chicken Rock (possibly the same dolphins).

All photo’s taken by Mike Kelly, one of our local land-based surveyors who joined us yesterday, taken in front of the Niarbyl cafe (by the display boards) with a fixed 400mm lens. Thank you also to Mal Kelly and Peter Quirk for reporting to the website allowing us to gain an idea of their movements.

Above: A very white adult male






I hope the crew of this boat don’t mind having their photo taken! The dolphins made a positive approach and the boat users were very repectful
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