2018 Year of our Island

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We are delighted to have received financial backing from the governmental scheme ‘2018 Year of our Island’. The grant has allowed us to purchase 10 pairs of Nikon Binoculars – this particular model is the one used for many years by MWDW staff and are of superior quality. We now take these binoculars with us on land-based surveys, allowing members of the public to borrow them in order to have a good chance of spotting the animals that we are watching, even at a distance. All 10 pairs will be available to borrow during our monthly ‘Sea Watch Saturdays at the Sound’. Funding has also allowed us to purchase a large weighted flag, which will clearly draw the public to our public watch events and spread awareness of MWDW.

Recent funding has also allowed us to purchase a life size, inflatable Harbour porpoise called Perkyn. The Manx Gaelic for Harbour porpoise is Perkyn Chadjin. Perkyn is a real character; a friendly porpoise who likes to pop out of the sea and interact with people. He will join MWDW on public Sea Watches when the weather allows, and he regularly joins our Education Manager on her visits to the island’s schools.

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