A wonderful weekend

Hi everyone, after a fairly torrid spell of weather throughout most of January and February, we have finally come into what could be described as a settled spell of weather, for the first time since last summer. For the last three days, the island has been in the middle of a high pressure system, hence the fairly still and sunny days since Tuesday. This lovely spell of weather is going to last all weekend and on both Saturday and Sunday, there is no more than 7 miles per hour of wind throughout both days. The seas will therefore be extremely flat, particularly on the east coast tomorrow and on the west coast on Sunday.

          Based on previous years sightings, we tend to still get Bottlenose Dolphin sightings up until the end of this month and are getting near to the time of year when the Risso’s dolphins first turn up in Manx waters, so please get out there with your binoculars and spot some cetaceans. As always, if anyone sees either Bottlenose Dolphins or Risso’s dolphins, please call me, Tom, on 330185, or send me a text. I will definitely be out doing land based surveys tomorrow, I will tell you where and when tomorrow on our Facebook page and on here, so please come and join me. Happy spotting and I will update you on the sightings over the weekend on Monday.
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