An unusual species association

Hi everyone, today, Becca and Sarah witnessed what turned out to be a very rare sighting about a mile and a half off Marine Drive just south of Douglas. The sighting consisted of two species, unusually and even more unusually, the species involved were Bottlenose dolphins (about five) and a single Minke Whale. According to Peter Evans, director of the Sea Watch Foundation in Wales, this is not an species association that he has ever heard of in British waters, meaning it is a very rare association. It is so unusual in fact that despite our best efforts, we could not find a photo of these two species associating. The likelihood is that the two species were cooperatively feeding on herring. So yet another fantastic sighting in Manx waters On Sunday, we also had a sighting of a small group (less than ten individuals) of Bottlenose dolphins off, so it appears that like last winter, the east coast is the place to look for Bottlenose dolphins. There is also going to be virtually no wind around the island tomorrow (Friday) so there will be perfect conditions to spot cetaceans. As always, if you see any Bottlenose Dolphins, please try and remember to call or text me on 330185, because if they are close enough inshore, we can get photos of their dorsal fins good enough to allow identification of individuals. Thanks in advance and happy spotting!

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