Another Risso’s dolphin sighting at the Calf

Hi everyone, so yesterday, my volunteers and I were once again carrying out a land based survey looking north of the Sound, when we spotted a group of Risso’s dolphins. However on this occasion, the dolphins were to the south of the Sound. We rushed over to the other side, telling as many people as we could that there were dolphins around and beautifully, it was a group of around 10 individuals, only 300 metres or so from land, which were surfacing very frequently, almost the perfect set of parameters to meet when watching a group of Risso’s.

 The group appeared to be feeding, as their direction of movement was highly variable. It was a stunning sighting, even if it did only last fifteen minutes. We will see over the next few weeks whether Risso’s dolphins being seen around the Calf will be a reliable and predictable pattern over the summer. I hope so. Happy spotting!
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