Are the Risso’s finally here?

Hi everyone, it appears and I say this tentatively, that Risso’s dolphins have finally arrived for the summer in Manx waters. They have been seen now on several occasions in the last fortnight, particularly in the south of the island, between Langness and The Calf. In fact, we were lucky enough today to have a sighting ourselves, whilst doing a land-based survey at the Sound. We saw these individuals at 10am, just off the Stacks on the north coast of the Calf and were lucky enough to be able to watch them for the next hour or so, despite them being over 1km away from where we were sitting. We were fairly sure that there were only a handful of individuals, but luckily for us, Bob Taylor, on his vessel Gemini, was out there with them for a while and assured us there were probably more like ten to twelve individuals. This was almost certainly the group we see most often in Manx waters, containing individuals from our fin catalogue, such as General Muck (No 1 in the catalogue) and a dolphin called Goblin (No 3 in the catalogue).  We wanted to add a photo here but due to website problems, we can’t.  Hopefully, this is a sign that the Risso’s will be around here much more often. If anyone is lucky enough to see these beautiful dolphins, be they from land or sea, please call Tom on 330185 as soon as you can. Thanks in advance and happy spotting

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