Bottlenose Bonanza!

Hey everyone, we had truely rare encounter yesterday which we are very excited to share with you!
At around 17:00 we had a pod of around 25 Bottlenose Dolphins travelling from Niarbyl to Fleshwick and a further 15 just off of Peel. The first pod then headed north to join the others and they all came back down south where we saw around 40 individuals just off of the tail at Niarbyl at around 20:15.
It is an extremely rare sight to see Bottlenose Dolphins in Manx waters this time of year as they usually spend the summer in Cardigan Bay or Anglesey in Wales.

It was also a fantastic day for Basking Sharks; with 11 spotted around Peel, Contrary Head and Fleshwick.
Things are finally looking up and the ocean is rich with plankton, so get yourself out to the sea front and have a look, and as always please report any sightings to us!

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