Calm seas, so keep a look out

Hi everyone, as ridiculous as it may sound, bearing in mind what the weather has been like over the last few days, there looks like there is going to be a couple of quite calm days of weather, tomorrow and Thursday. Thursday looks the better of the two, with the wind becoming variable in the afternoon, which normally leads to calm seas. So anyone who is out walking themselves or the dog by the coast over the next couple of days, keep a look out for cetaceans. Common dolphins and Minke whales have already been seen in the Hebrides, which is very very early for these two species, so there is no reason why these two species wouldn’t be around in Manx waters.

 Also, there have been one or two basking shark sightings in the south, so please keep an eye for these and report them to Manx Basking Shark Watch, via their website, address Me and my team will be out doing land surveys tomorrow, I will write where and when we will be tomorrow, both on this site and on our Facebook page, please come and say hello if you are in the area. Happy spotting!
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