Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the almost tropical temperatures we are experiencing this weekend. Better still, the wind is going to die off by tomorrow afternoon, so not only will it be a wee bit warmer, but we will also have some nice calm seas to look at. Monday, particularly in the afternoon looks like the best day, but tomorrow afternoon and all day Tuesday should lend themselves to some calm seas. The wind is straight from the east, so the west coast will be calmer.

¬†Species to look out for at this time of year include Harbour Porpoise (either side of the Sound or Niarbyl), Risso’s dolphins (around the Calf) and early Minke whales (between Peel and the Calf), as well as basking sharks, which are due here any day. Remember to report any basking shark sightings to Manx Basking Shark Watch, not our website.
We will almost certainly be carrying out land based surveys tomorrow, the precise time and place will depend on when the wind dies down, we will be in touch tomorrow with our locations and times. Happy spotting!
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