Clet the dolphin seen in Manx waters


The famous lone Bottlenose dolphin, “Clet” was spotted in a harbour off the Isle of Man on 21st December 2014.

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch were recently informed that a lone dolphin was seen within Port St Mary Harbour on the south east of the Isle of Man. Upon receiving photographs in mid-January we were able to identify the individual as Clet.

The adventurous dolphin was spotted by Alex Maddrell and Bob Taylor who watched him for an hour and a half leisurely swimming between boats within the harbour. He seemed at ease within a human environment and probably recognised the fishing boats as a potential source of easy food.

Clet 1

Clet, who is easily recognisable by distinctive scars on his dorsal fin, became famous in Cap Sizun, Brittany where he was regularly sighted between 2008 and 2010 bow riding with the fishing boats. Since leaving the French coast he has travelled remarkable distances with sightings off Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Mull and now the Isle of Man. Before his trip to Manx waters, he spent much of summer 2014 off Ireland. Clet has now returned to Wales where he was spotted on the 29th December off Pembrokeshire.

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