Design our dolphin calf statue

We need your designs!

This little dolphin statue, who lives in the MWDW Visitor Centre, is part of a pod of dolphin calves that make up the school’s trail for the Big Splash. When finished, he will become part of the trail that runs from May-September.

He needs to be decorated with lots of lovely designs, so we are looking for local children to help us out. We have prepared a series of species outlines of the whales and dolphins that live in Manx waters, to be printed at home and set up to print at A5. If you are Peel based and cannot print at home, please visit Peel Copy Centre.

We will be creating a collage full of your lovely designs to cover the dolphin. Get those colouring pencils/pens/crayons out, we are looking for something colourful, marine themed and with a conservation message. Maybe you could draw attention to the issue of plastic litter in the sea? Perhaps you can include an important message to warn people of these dangers? We have 2 rules; please stick to 1 design entry per child and don’t go over the edges of your template.

Children of all ages are welcome to submit a design. Please pop your entries through our letterbox, or send it to us at 31 Michael Street, Peel. We will be running a drop-in session next Saturday (19th) if anyone wants to come along and create a design here in the centre.

Be quick as you don’t have long! Deadline is Friday 25th March.


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