Dolphins and Porpoises in late November 13

Wow, what a superb weekend this has been! We have had sightings reported to us every day since the 24th when the first reported Risso’s dolphins since September were seen off Marine Drive. Richard Rimmer spotted 6 animals close inshore, one of which has been identified as number 8 in our Photo Identification catalogue who has been seen in Manx waters every year since 2007 apart from 2009 at a total of 10 times. 
Two sightings of Bottlenose dolphin where reported yesterday, one of which is believed to have contained at least 50 individuals. They were seen from the Skandia windows in Onchan at 08:30 by Hazel and later at 12:30 from Scarlett Point by Martin Lambden. A number of Harbour porpoise have also been seen since Saturday in the south.

This just shows what a spell of calmer weather produces! These animals may well have been hanging around for a while with the rough seas making them impossible to see. A massive thanks to everyone’s continuing support and please keep an eye out whenever you can and report any sightings to us. I have attached a photo of the Risso’s dolphin number 8 as she has some very distinct markings. Photo taken by Eleanor Stone.

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