Farewell to our 2018 Dolphineers

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We just wanted to take a moment to thank our fantastic 2018 Dolphineers, Eloise and Eleanor, or ‘the girls’ as they became known to many. They lived and worked with us for a solid 4 months, becoming totally involved with the running of a small but extremely busy research charity. Blessed with 2 months of tropical weather and endless land-based surveys at the start of the season, the girls didn’t believe us that it rains (a lot) on the isle. They were heavily involved with some major activities including the scraping and re-painting of our boat and moving all our equipment into the new shop space, painting all the walls and organising our stuff. They replied to all your facebook messages and logged literally hundreds of sightings into the database. They entered our ginormous stack of survey forms into the database and sorted through endless dolphin photo’s to match with our photo-ID catalogues. They came to every stall and outreach event, inspiring members of the public and even organised and ran their own stall at the Castletown Festival. There are many things this summer we would have struggled to achieve without their help, so thank you girls and the very best of luck with your studies. Most of all, well done for putting up with us!

Here is a link to their final blog post in this year’s Diary of a Dolphineer¬†


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