Galps sea trial

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Above: Matt Dean, Bryony Manley, Richard Coase, Roy Maddrell, Jen Adams

On 25th June we took our research vessel Galps out for the first time in about 2 years for a sea trial. Many of you will know we have had constant trouble with her, finding one problem after another. Finally after a long stint of maintenance she re-found her sea legs and successfully managed a one and a half hour long trial along the west coast. A couple of issues were found and she does need a little bit more work but we should be able to take her out again in the next couple of weeks. Plan is to use her as much as possible, iron out all her faults and finally do some proper surveying on our own boat. Its been a long and frustrating time but now it seems there is some light at the end of the tunnel.Thank you so much to our skippers and crew; Richard Coase, Roy Maddrell and Matt Dean. Special thanks to Richard who has worked long and hard on Galps this past year to get her fit and healthy.

And thank you to all our funders who have helped with various aspects of boat equipment and maintenance: IOM Harbours Authority, Navionics, Yesss Electrical, Unique Fire, Jacksons Merchants, Macro Metal Services, City Plumbing and LCL. Not forgetting the Scheinberg family, without whom we would never have been able to purchase Galps. If I have missed any funders I apologise and a full concise list will be produced soon. Thank you one and all and fingers crossed more a successful season of surveying.

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