Help us raise funds for equipment

Hi everyone.

We are trying to raise some money to buy some equipment to help in our work of surveying whales and dolphins around the Isle of Man. We don’t know much about how these animals use Manx waters, so this will help us to study them more accurately.
I know lots of people ask for donations to causes, but if you think this is worthy even a small amount will be hugely appreciated! Please take a look at the project page for detailed information.

Please note that the website is German and donations will be made in Euro’s, which will then be converted into Sterling when the full amount is raised. We decided to use this particular crowdfunding website as unlike most others, these guys do not take a percentage out of our total amount. We will get 100% of the donations which is pretty important.

We hope you enjoy reading about our project and if you feel like you want to help us in any way at all, it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much!

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