Humpbacks and Fin Whales! 22/06/13

Some truly special cetaceans have been seen around our waters in the past few days.

Firstly, on the 18th June the first Humpback Whale reported in Manx waters since 2010 was spotted by Roy Maddrell 2.7 Miles out of Castletown. Attached is a photo which, although blurry, shows the distinctive stubby dorsal fin located in the centre of the back rather than 3/4 the way down like most other whales.

Secondly, on the 19th a Fin Whale was spotted by Helena Platt 2km out from Port St Mary at 20:30 alongside 2 Risso’s dolphins and 3 Porpoises. Fin Whales are the second largest animal in the world growing to between 18-24 meters, second only to the Blue Whale who can grow to 30 meters.

Both species are rare in Manx Waters and would have come here almost defiantly for food.  There is an incredible amount of food around at the moment in particular about 1-2 Miles out from Port St Mary, where since the 18th we have had many sightings reported.  One group of Minke Whales consisting of 4 adults and 2 juveniles were seen taking part in a feeding frenzy, involving lunge feeding alongside hundreds of Gannets and other marine birds.

With these rare sightings and plenty of fish, what will be seen next?

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