Let’s celebrate the beach and sea!

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Festival of the Beach and Sea happened recently on the island, and you already know that yours truly were there to celebrate it! Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch had yet another successful stall in a festival, but sadly there were no special guests to arrive. It was here again, that we tried our best to educate people about the cetacean life around Isle of Man and where we sold our famous merchandise. We had kid’s activities galore from making your own marine mobile, to playing Hoop the Dolphin! It was also in partnership with Manx Wildlife Trust, that we were able to advertise adopting a Risso’s Dolphin! Manx Wildlife Trust were the stars of the show with their amazing touch tanks that had kids begging their parents to spend hours and hours in a que, but it was worth it!

A little competition took place to try and name the handmade (not life size) whale that our talented Bryony sewed from recycled materials! There were so many brilliant names to choose from but Splosh ended up being the official name for this artificial whale. So to the lucky person who guessed the name, Splosh, CONGRATS!


The MWDW staff also has some fun racing pigs! If you were there, you would know that we did not race actual pigs but it was rather a brilliant fund raiser for the RNLI and my pig won by far. As always, thank you to our incredible staff members, Jen and Bryony for all the amazing time you took to talk to people about marine life. And thank you to you Isle of Man or showing your support to everyone single one of us at the Festival of the Beach and Sea! Until next time, sea you later!


Always with love


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