Announcing the arrival of our new research vessel

We are delighted and very excited to announce that we now own a wonderful new research vessel! The purchase was made possible through generous support from the Scheinberg Family. This is the first vessel that our charity has personally owned allowing us to head to sea whenever we need to. This will allow us to conduct regular boat-based surveys to monitor the abundance and distribution of our local cetacean species which in turn reflects the health of the Manx marine habitat.

The vessel, moored in Peel, is an Aquabell 33′, with a fly-bridge providing us with an excellent viewing platform allowing us to conduct line-transect surveys; the most commonly used method of estimating population size. She currently goes under the name T-Jay but will be re-named ‘Galps’ in honour of our founder, John Galpin.

T-Jay was brought back by sea from Dartmouth by our director Tom Felce and 2 skippers; Combine and Joe. The journey took 5 days and they encountered Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Harbour porpoise and lots of Sun Fish en route, arriving into Peel on the 19th of July.

All data gathered on our research surveys contributes to our ongoing data-set which began in 2006. This is the first data-set of its kind in Manx waters and therefore all the research we carry out is new and exciting. We work very closely with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture and submit yearly reports to them based on our findings. By working closely with the Isle of Man Government, we can advise on any plans or decisions that may impact Manx waters and the animals that inhabit them.

If anybody would like to support our boat-based survey work through ongoing maintenance or fuel costs, we would love to hear from you.

T-Jay coming into Peel
In beautiful Peel
The crew, just back from their journey from Dartmouth. From the right; Tom Felce, Joe and Combine
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