Moonlight and Starlight still here 15 months on

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Above photo: Charles Shimmin, Ramsey bay
If you still haven’t seen our dedicated website to Moonlight and Starlight please do take a look. It contains all info about this pair including sightings plots, photos and videos. You can view it by clicking here

Our temporarily resident bottlenose dolphin duo Moonlight and her calf Starlight, are still hanging out in Manx waters and seem to be doing well. Starlight is now 15 months old, and the pair are still closely associating with one another. To our knowledge they are the only solitary mother and calf bottlenose being studied anywhere in the world. They have not been seen associating with any other dolphins as yet, and are actively avoiding the visiting bottlenose pods who come over during the winter months from Cardigan bay. The most recent sighting was today (19th Dec) in Peel bay, but they are still hanging out between Peel and Ramsey via the north where it is sandy and shallow.

Moonlight and Starlight are gaining quite the celebrity status and have provided our island with a ray of light and hope during what has been such a difficult year. If you haven’t seen the article the BBC did for us, now is your chance to watch and share. It was aired on BBC North West Tonight and BBC One breakfast during the summer. We will never forget the day the dolphins put on a display in Peel bay for the BBC.

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