MWDW at the European Cetacean Society Conference

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In April 2018, Tom, Jen and Bryony travelled to the annual European Cetacean Society Conference in Italy. The conference sees marine mammal scientists and students from across Europe come together to present their recent projects and findings, and to network with researchers from other groups. MWDW have presented four poster presentations over the years:

2007: Charting Undiscovered Waters. Thomas Felce

2009: The Occurrence, Distribution and Photo-Identification of Risso’s Dolphins in Manx Waters. Eleanor Stone

2014: Critical Habitat for Risso’s Dolphins: Photo ID of Risso’s Dolphins in Manx Waters. Bryony Manley

2018: The Development of a Network of Local Land-Based Surveyors. Jen Adams

In 2019 there will be the exciting World Marine Mammal Conference which sees members of the ECS and the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) get together. The meeting will bring together leaders in the field from every continent. The conference takes place in December 2019 in Barcelona, and MWDW will be in attendance. We hope to present a short talk and at least one poster presentation.

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