Our interns first Boat Survey – August 2nd 2019

Boat surveying is one of the most important aspect of our research, as it allows us to get close enough to collect accurate information on the different species we observe, as well as photograph animals for Photo-Identification purposes. It also lets us see the animals up close in their natural environment, without too much interference. Unfortunately due to several technical problems, we have not been able to go out with our own research vessel (Galps) during this Summer 2019.

Our interns have been out boat surveying with different tourist boats such as the Manx Sea Life Safari and the Gemini Charter, and we are so grateful for their help with our research! Kindly Malcom Stuart offered to take us out on his private boat. We were very lucky to go out
on a perfectly calm day and saw a pod of 6 Risso’s dolphins as well as 9 harbour porpoises. This was the first time any of the interns had witnessed our local species from a boat. The Risso’s put on quite a show and were seen breaching multiple times!

We were surveying for four hours about 8km from the coast, between Castletown and the Sound. The Risso’s were observed West of the Sound and we followed them up for a couple of Kilometres in direction of Castletown, before they disappeared again. Bryony was able to take some amazing pictures, which we have added above. This also perfectly coincided with our intern Sam’s last day of surveying so we were glad that he was able to get such a good sighting before leaving the island.

Dolphineers Amber and Anna

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