Seeking wildlife photographs for an exhibition

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch and Peel Cathedral would like to showcase the islands’ exceptional wildlife and our local environmental groups, by way of an exhibition to be in situ between New Year and Easter 2023 (TBC). This project is being run in collaboration with Biosphere IOM.

We are looking for high quality photographs to be printed onto indoor display boards, accompanied by photographer name, information about the species and habitat in which it lives. All local environmental groups will be provided with the opportunity to display information about their study species and how the public can get involved, report sightings or volunteer.

We aim to categorise by habitat and are looking for wildlife photographs which fit into the following: marine (e.g dolphins, seals), marine underwater (diving photos), coastal (e.g wading birds, rockpool life), sand dune (e.g lizards), freshwater (e.g damselflies, frogs), wetland, woodland (e.g fungus, woodland birds), farmland, heathland and moorland, plantation, towns and gardens. All images must be taken by yourself or with written permission and must be taken on the Isle of Man or within Manx territorial waters (12 miles out). We want to include smaller and often overlooked creatures such as insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. All species must be clearly identifiable and named where possible.

To register your interest please send an email to letting us know what photographs you have, and you will receive a reply outlining how to get them to us. All images must be supplied digitally in high resolution. These will be printed onto the display boards by our team.

Peel Cathedral is working extremely hard to further its links to the local environment and to become as eco-friendly as is possible, as the gardens show.  There is a bug hotel, bird boxes, a large compost heap, a wormery, a stumpery and, of course, the provision of community recycling facilities. At the moment the Cathedral holds a silver Eco Church Award and is going for gold.  They are keen to work with others to progress the eco agenda and we hope that schools will visit the exhibition. which is aimed at showing off our wonderful wildlife whilst drawing attention to the various citizen science projects the island has on offer, enabling the public to contribute to the monitoring programmes for different species.

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