Summary of public sightings May-September 2017

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This is a summary of sightings logged on the website between May and September 2017 inclusive. All sightings are opportunistic (seen by chance) from members of the public. What a fantastic community of reporters we have here!

Please note that number of individuals may not be accurate, this is especially true for Minke whale sightings, as many individual whales stayed in the same area of Marine drive/Douglas bay over a period of time in September and were seen repeatedly by different people. Care has been taken to make sure that repeat sightings haven’t been logged as different animals, but marine mammal science can never be 100% accurate!


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Species Total no of  sightings Total no of




86 259
Risso’s dolphin 34 115


19 246


7 86
Minke whale 48 115
Humpback whale 1 1
Unidentified species 7 22
Total 202 844


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