Sunday 19th May 13 – the day of many dolphins

After a good week of Risso’s dolphin sightings and the return of the basking sharks to Manx waters, we thought that sightings in Manx waters could not really get any better than that at this time of year, but how wrong were we. On Sunday the 19th, when it was beautifully calm, many people had the privilege of seeing a huge group of Bottlenose dolphins on the east coast between Port-e-Vullen and Douglas lighthouse.
The group of 60 or so individuals were on the east coast for the whole afternoon, but were particularly visible after 4pm, between Cornaa, Laxey and Douglas. It is unusual to see Bottlenose Dolphins in Manx waters in the summer, so it was a particular treat for all who witnessed this spectacular event. Thank-you so much to all the people that called us, got in touch on Facebook and reported sightings to the website. Amazingly, there were also a group of Risso’s dolphins seen in the area at the same time, although we are yet to be able to fully confirm that the two species were interacting.

There is a fantastic video on our facebook page, kindly given to us by Pete, who was lucky enough to be at sea with them. Just search for Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch on facebook.

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