The day of many dolphins (none of which were seen by me)

Hi everyone, having not had any sightings reported since the start of December, I was delighted to receive a phone call from Gez Sowrey reporting that she was in the process of watching alot of Bottlenose Dolphins at Cornaa. The sighting started with a group of around 30 or so individuals who were feeding off Cornaa. They got spooked by a pot fishing boat and so travelled quickly south. Having received the phone call, I then travelled quickly east from my hometown of Peel and just before I got to Laxey, I received two more phone calls almost simultaneously; one from Paul Quayle, reporting a group of about 15 individuals, milling off Dhoon and the other off Dave Reekie, reporting another group of around 15 individuals feeding off Baldrine. This was probably the same 30 or so dolphins reported by Gez half an hour beforehand at Cornaa. Gez at the same time also saw another group of around 40 or so individuals feeding off Cornaa, a total of 70 dolphins reported at the same time. Alas, by the time I finally arrived at Laxey, all of the dolphins had gone, as they had from Dhoon and Cornaa, presumeably having gone offshore. When I returned home later that afternoon, I was very surprised to receive a text from Simon Williams reporting Risso’s dolphins off Port St Mary, very unusual for this time of year, Risso’s normally being here between April and September. Luckily, the dolphins were also seen by Bob Taylor off his boat Gemini and he confirmed that they were indeed Risso’s dolphins. What an amazing day of dolphins sightings.

         The wind speed is fairly high over the weekend, so the sea will probably be too choppy to see anything. However, there looks to be a calm spell of weather on Monday morning, so wrap up warm and get out to the coast and you may be lucky enough to see some big groups of Bottlenose dolphins. If so, please call me, Tom, on 330185 and if that is not possible, please report the sighting on the website or on our Facebook page (search for Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch). Thanks in advance. Many thanks to Gez, Paul and Dave for keeping me updated throughout the day, proving just how valuable the Manx public are in increasing our knowledge of cetaceans in our waters. Happy spotting!
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