The day of the Bottlenose dolphins

IMG_0112On Sunday 4th October, hundreds of lucky observers watched an estimated 100 Bottlenose dolphins travelling close inshore along the west coast. The pod was first reported at 09:30 off Niarbyl, they were then seen at 10:30 off Peel where lots of people watched them from the Headlands.

Over the course of the afternoon they gradually headed north, staying close inshore, and were spotted off Glen Wyllin, Ballaugh and Jurby, where they were last seen at 17:30.


Here you can see one individual ‘tail slapping’ this behaviour is used to stun fish, making them easier to catch

The pod contained around 20 juveniles and some really young calves. They were incredibly energetic the entire day and were seen displaying a wide variety of behaviour including leaping and tail slapping. Their behaviour suggested that they were hunting all the way along the coast, charging through the water and working together to round up their prey.


Bottlenose dolphins are a winter visitor to Manx waters and can be seen from October to March.



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