The first Risso’s dolphin sighting in 2012

Hi everyone. We have had the first Risso’s dolphin sighting reported to the website in 2012, by Terry Holt. The sighting was reported on March 13th, last Tuesday and was of a group of around 7 individuals, probably more, about half a kilometre off the ledges at Port St Mary. The dolphins were not being particularly active, with no breaching reported, although some spy-hopping (when an individual rises vertically out of the sea and has a look around) was seen. Terry and his friend, luckily for them, were actually out on kayaks with the dolphins, so I imagine the views they had of the dolphins were absolutely amazing. The dolphins were reported as being generally quite white in colour, suggesting this was a group of adults. It is most likely to be the group which contains the first eight individuals in our photo-identification catalogue, which includes the two individuals in the photo below, General Muck (on the right) and Goblin (on the left).

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