Adopt a Risso's dolphin

Adopt a Risso’s dolphin to contribute to the work of MWDW and Manx Wildlife Trust

Adopt-a-Risso’s Scheme
The Adopt-a-Risso’s scheme is run in collaboration with the Manx Wildlife Trust

All proceeds directly help with our joint marine conservation efforts in Manx waters. 
General Muck​

General Muck is heavily scarred and easy to recognise from his heavily marked dorsal fin. We are very fond of him as he was in the first group of Risso’s we ever came across back in 2007 along with Goblin. He must love Manx waters as he has been seen almost every year since 2007. He likes to hang around with the same group of male dolphins who also return to Manx waters each year.


Meet Goblin, a close friend of General Muck. Goblin has also been seen most years since 2007 and hangs out with the same group of male dolphins as General Muck.

Your adoption pack

Adoption costs just £30 a year. We have put together a unique adoption pack which includes:

  • A personalised certificate of adoption.
  • Detailed information about your adopted dolphin and a twice yearly update.
  • Information about Risso’s dolphins around the Isle of Man, viewing hotspots and handy hints on how to spot them.

To complete your pack, you will receive a unique hand-made cuddly Risso’s dolphin. We had them made especially for the adoption scheme and you can’t find them anywhere else.

How to adopt

The Manx Wildlife Trust handle the adoption process.​ 
Follow the link below to adopt online, or pop into either the MWDW Visitor Centre or the Manx Wildlife Trust shop to adopt in person.