Moonlight & Starlight

The Isle of Man’s resident ‘solitary’ mother and daughter bottlenose dolphin 

Who are Moonlight and Starlight?

In September 2019 a new-born bottlenose dolphin was filmed in a bay on the Isle of Man. 

The mother dolphin has been identified as a former member of the Moray Firth population of Bottlenose dolphins. Her Manx born calf, who we know to be female, was named Starlight by our local community during the Covid lockdown. The pair have remained in Manx waters to this day. 

Family History

What we know about Moonlight from her time as a resident of the Moray Firth


Stories and sightings from Starlight's birth to date
Stories and Sightings​

In July 2020, Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch began compiling sightings, photographs and videos of Moonlight and Starlight. Sighting reports of the pair are logged in the MWDW database in order to monitor their movements and ensure they continue to be safeguarded around our coast. 

A ‘solitary pair’​

Moonlight and Starlight are an exceptionally rare example of a ‘solitary pair’ of dolphins. They are only ever seen on their own and have even specialised in highly successful hunting techniques. 

Solitary Dolphins

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Code of Conduct

Best practice during encounters
Monitoring and safeguarding

This is the first time we have known of a ‘solitary pair’ of dolphins who can be considered resident to the Manx coast. It is also the first time that we have been able to document a new-born dolphin as it grows up and learns how to be a confident and efficient hunter. This pair are so frequently seen within just a few metres of our shoreline, allowing us to gain a unique insight into their lives.  

Our special Moonlight and Starlight Code of Conduct should be followed when encountering this pair in the water. 

Maps & Stats

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