Youth Groups

Youth Session aimed at Brownies, Cub, Scouts and similar groups

We come to you for a hands-on, interactive session aimed at small groups:

  • Meet life-size inflatables Robbie the Risso’s dolphin and Perkyn the porpoise
  • Spot the difference between our local species by looking at colour, fin shape, head shape
  • Discover how dolphins find prey using a superpower
  • Learn how mighty whales feed using hairy filters in their mouths
  • What games do dolphins play?  
  • Measure out the species using a 30 metre long measuring tape
  • Questions and answers
Youth visits to the MWDW Centre in Peel

You come to us:

  • Find out about our local species
  • See a collection of marine mammal bones
  • Listen to whale song and dolphin clicks
  • If the weather is decent we can go down to Peel promenade with some junior binoculars and have a look

Due to the small size of the venue, groups should not exceed 15 children

Previous centre visits include:

  • Classes from local schools
  • Special needs units
  • Scouts and Guides
St Ninians Brownies 2023
Peel Clothworkers 2018
Outdoor learning

We will meet at a safe coastal location near to your base. This is an exciting way of getting children motivated about the natural world and actively involved in data collection and observation techniques.

  • Filling out junior survey forms
  • Collecting environmental data
  • Recording sightings of marine mammals and sea birds
  • How to properly use binoculars
  • Indicators and tips on what to look for

Binoculars, clipboards, pencils and forms are provided. A risk assessment will be sent out in advance. You will need to organise your own high vis jackets. Sea watch sessions can be organised for youth groups or single classes of school children. There is a maximum number of 25 children and a ratio of 1 adult per 4 children is required. 

Book a Session

Contact us today to book a youth visit, centre visit or sea watch for your group.