Live Sightings

Live Sightings

We run a live sightings group message on Telegram for sharing your sightings of whales, dolphins, porpoises, and basking sharks in Manx waters

The idea is for people to receive a quicker update than Facebook or website recent sightings, allowing people the opportunity to get out and try to see these animals for themselves

Indeed, many members of the public have told us they’ve spotted their first dolphin following a notification from this group

The group is only as useful as the messages the members add, so join today and contribute to our record of sightings in Manx waters!

Group Activity

This feed is for ‘live’ sightings, please only report your sightings up to 30 minutes later

If you want to report sightings of cetaceans or basking sharks from other times please do so through our report a sighting forms

Please try to keep general chit-chat around the sighting to a minimum as this can be frustrating for some members causing them to leave the group

Report what you have seen, where, when, and an idea of direction of travel if you can. This allows members the greatest chance of getting to the area to see animals for themselves

Dead or stranded cetaceans or seals should be reported to Manx Wildlife Trust

Requests to join the group should be via private message to one of the admins, email, or Facebook message. Please do not send requests with people’s phone numbers in the group chat

Join the Chat

Drop us a message with your phone number asking to be added to the Live Sighting group